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El Paso Tabernacle is a group of Christ-followers who enjoy and embrace a real & relevant style of ministry.

Pastor Adolfo Mata

Pastor Adolfo Mata

was ordained to the ministry in 1984. Ever since then being in service, helping God's people. And preaching God's Word.

News & Upcoming Events

Special Meetings El Paso Tabernacle


El Paso tabernacle will be holding special meetings on Memorial Day weekend May 24 thru 26, 2019. Services will be held at The Americas High School Auditorium on 12101 Pelicano Dr. El Paso TX. The theme..

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Dear brethren to view our livestream please go directly to YOUTUBE (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmX-ohnVq8AvYm1kGAghXlw ) or subscribe to receive automatic notification from Youtube. Thank you, God bles..

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