Behold, I will send you

Elijah the prophet

before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord

MAL. 4:5

No membership, but fellowship.

No law, but love

EL Paso Tabernacle Furthering

the message of the star messenger


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El Paso Tabernacle is a group that believes the true and unadulterated word of God, embracing the message of the hour.

Pastor Adolfo Mata was ordained to the ministry in 1984. Ever since then being in service, helping God's people. And preaching God's Word.
Pastor Adolfo Mata

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Sunday School

Teaching our little one's 4-year-old to 12 years old, God's Word. Dedicated teachers embracing this task with love and care. When you come to hear God's message it is very important not be distracted from such important thing. That's why we provide Sunday School for your children so they can also learn at their level.


Youth Ministry

Helping our young generation with todays problems and helping them stay active in the Lord. In these perilous times when it is so hard to live a Christian life, our young people struggle with many issues in their lives. They need guidance and help in many aspects of their Christian life.


Local Ministry

Helping the local assembly to grow and to stay focus on the way we should go until we see him as He is. This ministry deals with the congregation as a group in general, but also working individually in a personal level providing help as needed. Through prayer, consoling, bible studies, hospital visits and family visits.


Missionary Work

Go ye therefore and preach this gospel to all Nations then the end will come. An outreach to help Christians abroad in any Nation that God will take us. Missionary work is the will of God for that was one of His last commandments; Go ye unto the World and preach this gospel.

Inspiring Sermons

El Mensaje Precursor #1

Wednesday 02-07-18

Are you waiting for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ but do you Elias must first come.

El Mensaje Precursor #2

Wednesday 02-14-18

Did you know that john the Baptist was the forerunner of Christ's first coming.

EL Mensaje Precursor #3

Sunday 02-25-18

Do you know who is the Elias of the second coming of the Christ.

News & Upcoming Events

Special Meetings El Paso Tabernacle


El Paso tabernacle will be holding special meetings on Memorial Day weekend May 24 thru 26, 2019. Services will be held at The Americas High School Auditorium on 12101 Pelicano Dr. El Paso TX. The theme..

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Dear brethren to view our livestream please go directly to YOUTUBE ( ) or subscribe to receive automatic notification from Youtube. Thank you, God bles..

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